Self Adhesive Bra – For That Special Support!

Buy a self adhesive bra online and find out how sexy your figure can be!

Self Adhesive Bras have been around for decades but the technology behind them is rapidly changing. Women want and demand better alternatives for their fashion flair and women are returning to the glamour of the 50’s where a woman’s curve must be enhanced! Now there are more choices and sophisticated styles of clothing and accessories which allows anyone to find a product that best suits the wearing situation.

Bras are an integral part of anyone’s wardrobe but there are times when a that skimpy outfit needs a technical solution for a bra – usher in the self adhesive bra.

Self Adhesive Bra

Self Adhesive Bra

Most silicone bras that are self adhesive come in four cup sizes, A, B, C, and D. Since the bras conform to a persons own cup size and fullness, there is no need for measurement. So if a woman has a full size B cup, then she would purchase a size “B” bra, however, if at times a size “C” is required, then, a size may be the preferred size. You just have to check with the manufacturer about what is suitable for you.

The absolute best part about wearing a self adhesive bra is that you can wear that skimpy little something and not have to worry about straps showing. Since there are two different kind of self adhesive bras, ones that close in the front and ones that conform to each individual breast, you have a choice on what to wear.

Some of the Benefits of Wearing a Silicone Self Adhesive Bra

1. Self adhesive bras come in a variety of colors like skin tone, black, yellow, white, pink, light blue so color choice is there, based on the fashion you are wearing it with.

2. Most silicone bras and inserts are made of specially developed silicone that feels, looks and moves like real breasts.

3. You are able to create cleavage by positioning the bra cups farther or closer away.

4. They are washable for continuous wear. Follow manufacturers suggestion but most brands can be washed with regular soap and water. Once they are dry, they can be reused again.

5. Completely undetectable while wearing. Comfortable enough that you may forget you are wearing them.

6. Inexpensive and safe way for a gorgeous bustline.

Whatever brand of bra accessories you choose, be sure that bra comfort is a priority. How many bras, including the self adhesive kind, just sit in the drawer because they are uncomfortable? Take the time to get a perfectly sized bra then purchase the accessories you need for the outfit from there. Does this make sense?


So many women are walking around with the wrong bra size. Take a few minutes and see if you have been properly measured for your bra size!